Paper labels

Its lower price and environmental impact make paper the most used material.

We offer several paper qualities, in various colors and adhesives.

Synthetic labels

Contrary to what one might think, some synthetic materials provide less durability than paper does. However, their resilience to humidity and tearing is far superior ; their surface offers a perfect printing quality.

We have PET, PE, PP and PVC with several adhesives in stock.

Piggy Back Labels

As opposed to standard labels made out of 2 layers, an adhesive one (front) and a paper support (back), the Piggy Back label is composed of 3 layers : a front, back, and middle one which is adhesive ; this explains its name of sandwich label.

The middle layer is either in silicone paper for the eco piggy, or in transparent PET for the « invisible » piggy.


Materials in stock

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