Label printers

Chronolabel offers a wide choice of direct thermal, transfer thermal, and inkjet printers.

Should I choose a direct thermal, thermal transfert, or inkjet printer ?


Printing type, monochrome or color? 

 – Direct thermal printers use thermal paper. This technology with no ink ribbon is mainly used for receipts, shop scale labels, etc.

– Thermal transfer printers, for monochrome printing, work with a single color ink ribbon which lays its ink on the label through thermal transfer. This technology is also used to print data (expiry date, lot number, etc) on a pre-printed label.

– For color printing, inkjet printers should be favored. This technology makes it possible to print high-quality labels by using the four color printing process.


Which label size should I print?

Any printer, because of its make, can only print on a given width. In general, manufacturers indicate the size in inches (1 » = 25,4mm); the most commonv size is 4», or 104mm. Some printers can reach 8 » (208mm). Printers are also limited in their minimal printing height.


Which printer should I choose ? 

– Label quantity, daily or by batch

– Required printing speed (mm/second)

– Ink ribbons length / cartridges capacity

Based on these criteria, we can recommend you the best printer for your needs.


Printing resolution ?

Printing heads have a resolution measured in DPI (dot per inch), generally 200, 300, or 600DPI for thermal transfer printers or 720x360DPI to 1’200×1’200DPI for inkjet printers. Based on the size or sharpness the data or barcode your labels require, the suitable printer has to be chosen according to its resolution.


We are here to help you choose the right printer and invite you to contact us.

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